Principles and Values

Journal of Science & Sustainable Engineering (JSSE) (ISSN 2965-4505) publishes its articles in the online and "open access" modality. It was idealized in the context that a high-qualified-public university must share scientific knowledge with the world. Moreover, in most of the world science is made with a public budget (Ex. In Brazil), therefore its results should be shared with society at no cost. 
Principles and Values
1. Scholarly and scientific knowledge generated with public funds is a common good and access to it is a universal right.
2. The open, academy-owned, non-profit, non-subordinate, without charges for publication or processing, sustainable, and with responsible metrics publishing model ought to be strengthened.
3. Open access has neither future nor meaning unless research assessment systems evolve and value publication by their own merits and not by where it is published.
4. Open Access consolidation demands the transition to digital scientific communication.
5. Financial investment in Open Access ought to be in line with its benefit for society.
6. Open Access sustainability through cooperative work schemes and a horizontal distribution to cover costs.
7. Diversity of scientific journals is necessary hence pressure to homogenise them ought to be stopped.
8. Journals ought to allow authors to retain their copyright and remove their embargo policies.
9. Science's social impact is the foundation of Open Access' existence.
10. The various dynamics to generate and circulate knowledge per field ought to be respected, especially, as regards Social Sciences and Humanities.