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Journal of Science & Sustainable Engineering (JSSE) is a peer-reviewed, non-profit and continuous publication journal sponsored by the Federal University of Sao Paulo (Universidade Federal de São Paulo, UNIFESP). JSSE aims to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge of engineering applied to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Focus and Scope

JSSE covers the following disciplines: energy engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, materials science, marine engineering, mechanical engineering, interdisciplinary sciences involving more than one of these disciplines.

Studies involving: renewable energy, clean production, clean fuels, applied materials (applied to energy,  environment, applied pollution (impact and remediation), bioprocesses, engineering applied to sustainability, and circular economy, are welcome.


JSSE accepts short communications,  full papers, review papers, opinion letters (regarding a relevant and current topic), and articles based on university extension actions (in areas directly related to the topics of this journal).


Articles previously published elsewhere cannot be submitted to the journal. The team Editor is responsible for the decision for acceptance for publication. This decision is based on the recommendations of ad hoc referees (blind-peer review).

ISSN 2965-4505  

Host: Journal of Science & Sustainable Engineering (JSSE) has been hosted on the Journals Portal of the Universidade Federal de São Paulo since 2023. The unifesp.br domain and the prefix DOI, 10.34024, made available to the journal, represent the university's publishing functions.

Periodicity: continuous publication, which means that after being peer-reviewed and accepted, the article will be published online (after the proof-editing process).

Languages accepted: English.

Persistent identifiers: JSSE uses DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to identify articles, and ORCID to identify authors.

Data preservation: The journal is preserved by the PKP-PN network.

Article Processing Charges (APC): no cost.  (fee-waived)

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Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): Sustainable Development goals: an engineering approach
                    View Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023): Sustainable Development goals: an engineering approach

Dear Readers

It's my pleasure to announce the first volume of Journal of Science & Sustainable Engineering (JSSE). This first volume contains papers that correspond to invited Authors, all of them are experts that work in Sustainable Development from different points of view of engineering. All the Authors have a diverse engineering approach to this topic. 

Enjoy these papers.

Best regards


Prof. Dr. Yvan J O Asencios


Journal of Science & Sustainable Engineering (JSSE)



Published: 2023-08-03

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